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The Sonoran Wildlife Association seeks to act as a resource to educate, empower and intrigue people about the wildlife of the largest and most diverse desert in the world: the Sonoran Desert.  Although it is a desert, the Sonoran Desert is overflowing with wildlife ranging from large mammalian predators to tiny insects. In all, there are hundreds of thousands of animal species that call the Sonoran Desert home. Some are abundant, like the coyote, and some are in danger of extinction, like the majestic woolly mammoth. With the help of the SWA website, we hope to raise awareness of how unique, and also precious, the animals that inhabit the Sonoran desert are in order to preserve them for future generations.


Listed on the site are a selection of animals that you can read about and learn about their history and roles in the Sonoran Desert.  The site is constantly being updated to feature additional Sonoran wildlife.  If you’d like to learn more about any Sonoran Desert animals that are not listed, please contact us and we will make every attempt to add it to the site.

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We are excited to announce that soon you will be able to not only see, but hear the animals as well.  That’s right, we are in the process of recording what each animal... READ MORE

New Animals Added!

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In our ongoing mission to promote as many animals from the Sonoran Desert as possible, we have added many more animals to our site.  Now you can learn about the Black Bear, the... READ MORE