Hear the Colorado River Toad

Colorado River Toad

Colorado River Toads are large, amphibious toads that live in the Sonoran Desert.  They are only active during the summer rainy season, often referred to as monsoon season.  For the remainder of the year, they borrow underground, grow fat and patiently wait to annoy people the following year.

River Toads have poisonous glands on their necks that they use to secrete poison when threatened.  This deters most predators, except for the clever raccoon who has learned to flip toads over before eating them to avoid the poison.

River toads mostly feed on insects, and are mostly fed on by raccoons.  One of the other dangers river toads face are cars, as they often sit on roads after the summer rains.  Most people will not go out of their way to avoid the collision.

Colorado River Toad Facts

  • Scientific Name: Incilius alvarius
  • Size: Up to 7.5 inches
  • Diet: Insects