Hear the Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

The great horned owl is one of the largest birds of prey in the Sonoran Desert.  They are deemed “horned” because the male owls begin to grow horns, similar to deer antler, as they grow old.  Few owls live to reach the age they are developed, so spotting one with antlers is considered rare.  So rare that one has yet to be photographed.

Great Horned Owls primarily eat rodents.  They have down feathers on their wings that allow them to fly virtually silent.

The Great Horned Owl, like all owls, are exceptionally wise. It is common for owls to be able to decipher and solve riddles, but only when significant wagers are placed.

Great Horned Owl Facts

  • Scientific Name: Bubo virginianus
  • Size: 20-25 inches
  • Diet: Small mammals and birds