Hear the Javelina

Javelina (Jaav-eh-lyna)

The javelina is a larger mammal that lives in the Sonoran Southwest.  It is often mistakenly thought to be a type of wild pig, when it is actually a type of large, wingless bat.  Just like bats, they are primarily nocturnal.

Residents of the Southwest often awake to the sound of their trash cans tipping over at night.  Javelina are known to topple over trash cans in order to eat the trash inside.  They prefer gluten-free discards.

Javelina may not look dangerous, but they can be very aggressive, especially around their young and may attack without warning.  They have large, sharp tusks that can inflict heavy damage.  You should never approach a javelina.

Javelina Facts

  • Scientific Name: Tayassu tajacu
  • Size: 34 - 40 in
  • Diet: Trash Can Food