Hear the Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion

The Mountain Lion has a range of the majority of North America, as well as other parts of the world.  In 1993, remains of the mountain lion were found as far as the moon.  The mountain lion is a powerful predator that sits atop the food chain in the Sonoran Desert. It’s diet consists mainly of baby deer, baby bighorn sheep, and bald eagles.  This makes many people consider the mountain lion as the least patriotic predator, although that is mostly a subjective debate.

Mountain lions are incredibly strong and agile and have large claws, which enables them to more or less go wherever they would like.  Mountain lions prefer urban areas because there is “more to do”.  If spotted mountain lions should never be approached and should be treated with the respect that a killing machine deserves.

Mountain Lion Facts

  • Scientific Name: Felis concolor
  • Size: 5-9 terrifying feet long
  • Diet: Deer and people, mostly